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Proud ambassadors of the Ancient Thracian feta cheese making tradition 

60 years of experience and 3 generations down the line, we always strive at producing the highest quality dairy products. 

Doukidis, feta, cheese, δουκιδης, φετα, τυροκομείο, τυροκομικά
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Since day one, our vision was to produce the highest-quality dairy products possible

The Doukidis Family tradition in cheese-making initiated by the visionary Ioannis Doukidis, who implemented his passion for feta cheese production in the backyard of his house in Xylagani, Rhodope, stretches back to 1956.

The recipe for high quality dairy products, which are unique in taste, has remained unchanged since then as we respect the traditions and values inherited.

Certified in our state-of-the-art laboratories, our pure products are made exclusively from pasteurised Greek milk, sourced from free-range herds that graze the foot of historic Mount Ismarus and Rhodopes sierra. Sourcing milk from local farmers, allows “I. Doukidis & Sons” to ensure its value propositions, support the regional milk-producing community and continue the ancient livestock tradition of Thrace.

Our products have been sold for decades in the biggest supermarket chains in Greece and exported in countries such as France, Germany and others.


Quality and hygiene are factors, that have established “I. Doukidis & Sons”as leaders in the Greek dairy market. We are continuously striving for the best result possible in the production sectors we are involved with (dairy and cattle feeds) and comply with international and European food regulations and standards.

Doukidis, feta, cheese, δουκιδης, φετα, τυροκομείο, τυροκομικά
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Our expertise, for more than 70 years, in the production of Thracian dairy products, certifies our brand

The history of cheese making originated in the region of Thrace and more specifically, in Greek mythology, the Cyclops Polyphemus is reputed as the first ever cheese-maker. In Homer’s Odyssey, Book 9,lines 218-226, Polyphemus lived in the foothills of historic Mt. Ismarus and produced feta cheese since the 8th century B.C. 

As Ulysses narrates in Book 9 of the Homer's Odyssey: 'We soon reached his cave, but he was out shepherding. We went inside the cave and looked around. It was astonishing-crates full of cheese, pens crammed with livestock-lambs and kids sorted into separate groups, with yearlings, older lambs, and new-borns each in different pens. All the sturdy buckets, pails, and milking bowls were awash with whey. Next, Polyphemus curdled half the white milk, and gathered it in wicker baskets and laid it away'. 

Homer’s reference alongside with the fact that the dairy production of “I. Doukidis & Sons” takes place in the area in which Polyphemus was located, make us proud ambassadors of the Ancient Thracian feta cheese making tradition.

Doukidis, Polyphemus, Cyclops, Δουκίδης, Πολύφημος, Κύκλωπας
Doukidis, feta, cheese, δουκιδης, φετα, τυροκομείο, τυροκομικά
Φέτα ΠΟΠ Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Feta PDO Doukidis Ismaros
Μαλάκο Λευκό Τυρί Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Sheep Goat Soft Cheese Doukidis Ismaros
Ανθότυρο Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Anthotyros Whey Cheese Doukidis Ismaros
Ημίσκληρο Τυρί Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Semi Soft Sheep Goat Yellow Cheese Cheese Doukidis Ismaros
Τελεμές Αγελαδινό Λευκό Τυρί Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Telemes Cow Cheese Cheese Doukidis Ismaros
Γίδινο Τυρί Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Goat Cheese Doukidis Ismaros

** Our dairy product mix also includes MilkCream of Sheep-Goat Milk as well as Mizithra Low-Fat Whey Cheese

Doukidis, feta, cheese, δουκιδης, φετα, τυροκομείο, τυροκομικά

Part of our core business is also the livestock sector with production and trade of cattle feeds, allowing us to ensure the highest quality raw material (milk) possible.

Doukidis, feta, cheese, δουκιδης, φετα, τυροκομείο, τυροκομικά

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Industrial Area of Komotini

P.O. Box 26 - 69100 Komotini


TEL: +30 25310 38647

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