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Product Mix & Packaging

Dairy Products

Φέτα ΠΟΠ Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Feta PDO Doukidis Ismaros
Ανθότυρο Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Anthotyros Whey Cheese Doukidis Ismaros
Τελεμές Αγελαδινό Λευκό Τυρί Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Telemes Cow Cheese Cheese Doukidis Ismaros
Μαλάκο Λευκό Τυρί Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Sheep Goat Soft Cheese Doukidis Ismaros
Ημίσκληρο Τυρί Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Semi Soft Sheep Goat Yellow Cheese Cheese Doukidis Ismaros
Γίδινο Τυρί Δουκίδη Ίσμαρος Goat Cheese Doukidis Ismaros

Our dairy product mix also includes MilkCream of Sheep-Goat Milk as well as Mizithra Low-Fat Whey Cheese

Cattle Feeds

cattle feeds doukidis wheat corn

Part of our core business is also the livestock sector with production and trading of cattle feeds.

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